Melissa Romero

Melissa Romero is also a native of the Brighton area. Believe it or not we worked together too. I really needed help and she was in-between jobs. So it was my good fortune to have her come to work with me too. Melissa has brought her love of baking to Lauer-Krauts. She makes very creative cookies and the best brownie concoctions you may ever have. Melissa is also such a Blessing in my life. She is very personable and really takes pride in this little place. How could one girl be so Blessed to have such good friends/workers that I get to be with everyday?? I am not sure but I am more thankful than words can express.  - Melissa moved to Syracuse NY in July of 2012.  We miss her dearly but she will always be part of our Lauer Krauts family.

Weekly Soup and Dessert Menu

Soup: Aunties Green Bean
Dessert: Mama Lori's Bread Pudding
Specials: N/A
Soup: Aunt Shirl's Chicken Noodle
Dessert: Mama Lori's Rhubarb Cake
Specials: N/A
Soup: Aunties Chili
Dessert: Mama Lori's Sinnamon Rolls
Specials: Perry Special
Soup: Aunties Bean and Noodles
Dessert: Mama Lori's Pumpkin Bar
Specials: N/A
Soup: ???
Dessert: German Chocolate Brownies
Specials: N/A