Wednesday May 22nd

Soup:  Aunt Shirl's Chicken Noodle

Dessert:Aunt Mary's Jailhouse Cake

Specials: German Potato Salad



26 South 6th, Brighton, CO 80601
PH: 303-654-9700
TUE-SAT 7am-4pm

Thursday May 23rd

Soup:  Aunties Chili

Dessert:Mama Lori's Sinnamon Rolls

Specials: Frito Pies, Chili Dogs and Perry Specials

Saturday May 25th

Soup:  Mama Lori's Creamy Potato

Dessert:Missy's German Chocolate Brownie



German Chocolate Brownies

Our German Chocolate Brownies are delicious. They are full of nuts with a traditional pecan coconut frosting.

Dessert                $4.00 (ea)

Grandma Schreibvogel's Carrot Cake

Grandma Schreibvogel's Carrot CakeOur Carrot Cake is made from Grandma Schreibvogel's recipe. With walnuts and cream cheese frosting this cake is one of our best sellers.

Dessert                $4.00 (ea)

Sinnamon Roll

Yes, we spell Cinnamon as Sinnamon. This was a suggestion from a customer after she said they were just sinful. We took her advice and use her spelling. Our Sinnamon Rolls are made with walnuts and raisins with a cream cheese maple glaze.

Dessert                $4.00 (ea)

Rival Kouga

 Our Kouga is our version of German coffee cake.  We use our same bread dough with a fruit topping and a rival crumble on the very top.  We make it in a variety of fruit flavors. 

Dessert        $4.00 (ea)



Tuesday May 21st

Soup:  Aunties Green Bean

Dessert: Mama Lori's Bread Pudding



Friday May 24th

Soup:  Aunties Clam Chowder

Dessert:Mama Lori's Blueberry Kouga