Friday May 24th

Soup:  Aunties Clam Chowder

Dessert:Mama Lori's Blueberry Kouga

Tuesday May 21st

Soup:  Aunties Green Bean

Dessert: Mama Lori's Bread Pudding




26 South 6th, Brighton, CO 80601
PH: 303-654-9700
TUE-SAT 7am-4pm

Thursday May 23rd

Soup:  Aunties Chili

Dessert:Mama Lori's Sinnamon Rolls

Specials: Frito Pies, Chili Dogs and Perry Specials

Saturday May 25th

Soup:  Mama Lori's Creamy Potato

Dessert:Missy's German Chocolate Brownie



Lauer-Krauts History

Lauer Krauts is a vision of family, hard work and time honored tradition. My Dad, Bob Lauer has been making his homemade sour kraut for more than 50 years. He learned how to make it from his Dad, Martin Lauer. Thus the name of our business Lauer Krauts. My Mom Lori is hands down the best cook I have and will ever know. She is from a large family of 9 kids, and is in her glory when she is cooking for tons of people. Both of my parents are Germans from Russia, so that is the type of cosine we serve. I have learned to make all our food from my Mom and her 4 sisters. All of which are very good cooks. I give full credit to my Mom and my Aunts for their recipes. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn directly from my Mom and my Aunts how to make our food. It is really a way that our family and traditions will live on for generations to come.

Wednesday May 22nd

Soup:  Aunt Shirl's Chicken Noodle

Dessert:Aunt Mary's Jailhouse Cake

Specials: German Potato Salad