About us

Lauer Krauts is a family owned business. We offer fresh homemade krautburgers at affordable prices.
A krautburger is a German Russian pastry pocket filled with hamburger, cabbage, onion and Lauer-Kraut. 

Margaret Schreibvogel

Margaret Schreibvogel is my maternal Grandmother. She passed away before I ever got the privilege of knowing her. From all the wonderful things my family tells me about her she was all but a Saint. Th.....
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Lori Lauer

Lori Lauer is my Mom. She is from a family of 9 kids. 5 girls and 4 boys. My mom can make a bologna sandwich taste better than the finest steak. Growing up, all my friends wanted to hang out at my hou.....
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Bob Lauer

Bob Lauer is my Dad. He is just an all around wonderful man. It is really something that he is not only my Dad but also my Hero. My Dad was born and raised here in Brighton Colorado. He is the one who.....
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Mary Arnold

Mary Arnold is my Mom's oldest sister. Since my Grandma Schreibvogel passed away before I was born I always kind of saw her as more than an Aunt. She really was like the a grandma to me too. She is cr.....
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Shirley Younger

Shirley Younger is my Mom's second to oldest sister. She lost her battle to cancer about a year and a half after we opened. I am so thankful that she taught me how to make her famous chicken noodle so.....
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Carol Oster

Carol Oster is my second to youngest Aunt on my Mom's side. Like all of my Moms family, she is a great cook. My Aunt Carol, who we refer to as "Auntie" really taught me how to make the majority of our.....
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Dian Graves

Dian Graves is my youngest Aunt on my Mom's side. Aunt Dian is famous here at Lauer-Krauts for her homemade Honey Mustard. She puts everything but the kitchen sink in it. It is delicious and a favorit.....
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Robin Lauer-Trujillo

I was born and raised just 2 blocks from where Lauer-Krauts is located. After high school and college I worked for a family owned business for 11 years. I loved it. They had the good fortune of sellin.....
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David Trujillo

I am so thankful and grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive husband. Without his devotion and support I would have never dreamt of opening Lauer Krauts. I will be forever grateful to him. I .....
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Laura Augustine

Laura Augustine.....
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Melissa Romero

Melissa Romero is also a native of the Brighton area. Believe it or not we worked together too. I really needed help and she was in-between jobs. So it was my good fortune to have her come to work wit.....
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This is my son Max, who according to Guy Fieri is the "new kraut baby"......
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Weekly Soup and Dessert Menu

Soup: Aunties Green Bean
Dessert: Mama Lori's Bread Pudding
Specials: N/A
Soup: Aunt Shirl's Chicken Noodle
Dessert: Mama Lori's Rhubarb Cake
Specials: N/A
Soup: Aunties Chili
Dessert: Mama Lori's Sinnamon Rolls
Specials: Perry Special
Soup: Aunties Clam Chowder
Dessert: Mama Lori's Pumpkin Bar
Specials: N/A
Soup: ???
Dessert: German Chocolate Brownies
Specials: N/A